BB Lifestyle is a modern skin care company, which grew out of the founder's own experience with skin issues and a desire to help others.

From Personal Experience


Bill Bakho, the founder of BB Lifestyle, tackled skin issues and allergies as a young man. Frustrated with the products available, he set out to find a better way to help not only himself but also others just like him.

It's All in the Ingredients

As a result of Bakho's passion and determination, BB Lifestyle was born. Today, the company is meticulous about what it puts in their products. BB Lifestyle uses natural, organic and vegan ingredients to ensure that you get the purest, most gentle product possible. They also intentionally leave out harmful and harsh ingredients that may cause long-term damage for short-term gains. The result is their line of superior organic CBD skin care products; responsibly sourced and carefully created. You can count on BB Lifestyle to deliver multi-faceted, benefit-driven products with sophisticated formulas and cutting-edge ingredient technology. This is first and foremost proven in BB Lifestyle’s understanding and use of proprietary HC56Complex™: an exceptional formula from hemp oil that delivers unprecedented antioxidant benefits for the health and beauty of skin. 

“We Use What We Sell”

BB Lifestyle says, “We use what we Sell”... The reality is that they're creating skin-savvy products that they, themselves want to use. Bakho's first product was a sunscreen, designed especially for a friend with lupus. BB Lifestyle cares about your skin, your health, and your appearance and refuses to compromise on quality or workmanship. As a result, their organic CBD moisturizer product is multi-faceted and employs the most advanced skin care ingredients to deliver a superior product for you.


“We Are Part of the Bigger World”

As a company, BB Lifestyle understands that they're part of a greater world beyond themselves, their employees and their customers. In fact, that's how the company began, founded on one man's desire to help those around him. Bill Bakho says, “We want to ensure that our products do no harm to those who use them, and we don't test our products on animals either”. They also work hard to ensure their pure and natural ingredients come from vendors who are treated and paid fairly for their contribution to their product.

What BB Lifestyle Brings

Whether you're looking for a CBD sunscreen or CBD lotion, they can deliver the following results:


  • Clean. Pamper your skin with organic, vegan, natural ingredients that are free of artificial anything, gluten and parabens.


  • Gentle. Rest assured that their rigorous testing processes have resulted in a product that is gentle to even the most sensitive skin.


  • Innovative. Advanced use of hemp oil results in a healthy-skin appearance.


  • Rejuvenating. Their products are full of antioxidants that help skin heal from past damage.


  • Illuminating. Cutting-edge formulas and hydrators that are designed to leave skin glowing and vibrant.



From the very beginning BB Lifestyle has been dedicated to providing individuals who care about their skin with a superior, healthy, clean and nourishing product that can be used day after day, year after year.

“I created BB Lifestyle to inspire others to enjoy their life by taking care of their health, inside and out, while using products that will give the best results possible.”