Maximize your skin's appearance with luxe products designed to perform. Apply these skin care products in a specific order for best results.

How Best to Apply BB Lifestyle Organic CBD-Infused Products

Our skin demands attention. In order to meet this demand, we have to maximize our skin's care with quality products designed to perform. Adherence to a skin care routine makes all the difference as well. The combination of good products and adherence to a daily skin care regimen can make our skin look and feel the healthiest it can be. Adding an infusion of cannabidiol (CBD) to those same products, and they grow exponentially in their performance and luxury. That is exactly what we at BB Lifestyle have done with our line of CBD skin care products. The following is how the BB Lifestyle skin care products can be applied for optimal results.

Daytime Regimen

We recommend focusing on protection from the sun’s damage, environmental pollutants and the elements with a daytime regimen. Starting with a thorough splashing of warm water will open up the pores and prepare them for a botanical infusion with the BB Lifestyle Active Foaming Face Wash. After cleansing the skin, in order to help it maintain its supple look and to help prevent premature aging, generously apply the CBD moisturizer. Applying the CBD moisturizer while the skin is still moist and the pores are still open is best. Directly follow that moisturizer with a liberal application of the CBD sunscreen for maximum protection from the sun’s rays and environmental elements.

Nighttime Regimen

When it comes to the evening, wash away all of the day’s cares with a warm water application of the BB Lifestyle Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser. Just like the daytime regimen, we recommend immediately applying the moisturizer to lock in evening’s healing renewal. If planning to be out before sunset, go with the protection of the CBD sunscreen.

For the Body

After bathing, generously apply the CBD skin cream and CBD lotion to promote protection from whatever the day’s adventures may bring or for evening healing from the tolls of the day. Freely use the sunscreen all over the body as well.

We find that sequence matters and timing matters when applying these CBD skin care products, so leave time to follow the regimen and leave time (a minute or two) between products in order to have the skin absorb all of the wonderful and natural goodness that these CBD products offer. Live naturally and live well with this conscious skin care inspired by nature.

“I created BB Lifestyle to inspire others to enjoy their life by taking care of their health, inside and out, while using products that will give the best results possible.”