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Radiation therapy is often used for the treatment of cancer.  The side effects of radiation therapy on the skin can be uncomfortable and even painful in some cases.  Patients frequently complain of itchiness, redness, blistering and peeling.  It is important to take proper care of skin during this treatment. 


The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends the use of a daily mosituriser on the irritated area, but not to a wound.  Patients undergoing radiation treatments have a higher risk of developing skin cancer in the area that is treated.  Therefore, the cancer team recommends the use of gentle yet effective sunscreen.   All topical products are to be applied as directed and recommended by the cancer team.


The B2 Skin Recovery Gel is a moisturising and fast absorbing solution that helps soothe, revitalise, hydrate encourage the recovery of dry and damaged skin.  Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties are derived from pure chamomile and Aloe Vera formulated with BB Lifestyle’s proprietary full spectrum hemp CBD extract HC56Complex ™.


In perfect partnership to the B2 Skin Recovery Gel is the BB Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen (SPF 30+), also formulated with HC56Complex ™, algae and seaweed extracts is a non-greasy, elegant formula combined with broad spectrum UV protection which functions like a moisturiser and protects without a trace.


A Recent testimonial from in-treatment cancer patient

“The Skin Recovery Gel really works!  I have no redness, inflammation, irritation or anything else.  In fact, the nurses say, the cream they are told to recommend does not work anywhere near as well.  They are amazed at the results.  You should offer it to the hospital.  All radiation therapy patients should know about how wonderful and effective this product is.”  


“I am hooked on your sunscreen!  It just doesn’t feel like a sunscreen yet it is more effect that most, if not all, factor 30 sunscreen products I have ever used.  It is gentle and luxurious. I use it every day and often instead of my daily moisturiser”

Pictures after using the BB Lifestyle Skin Recovery Gel

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