“I created BB Lifestyle to inspire others to enjoy their life by taking care of their health, inside and out, while using products that will give the best results possible.”


From a young man with skin issues to an entrepreneur dedicated to dermatological skin care, Bill Bakho is quickly redefining the business of natural-based products that deliver dermatological-grade results.

For much of his life, Bill struggled with skin sensitivity and allergies that put his skin into a highly reactive state. Motivated by the physical and emotional toll of his own skin issues, and a passion for helping others who might be in his same situation, Bill set out to develop his first skincare system. He recognized a gap between dermatological-grade results and naturally sourced, “clean” ingredients, and used that as a foundation for his first product: a sunscreen inspired by a friend suffering from lupus—and the inflammation it triggers in the skin.

As a young man studying pre-med, emboldened by courage that comes from personal experience and a desire to help others like him, Bill set out to make “the best sunscreen ever”: protective, with anti-aging benefits that wouldn’t challenge his skin.

In a move well ahead of the industry curve (and unprecedented at his young age), Bill worked side-by-side with a chemist; formulating, testing, and retesting—even acquiring FDA approval 13 years before SPF regulations were required. His dedication paid off, and Daily Rehydrating SPF 30 quickly became the all-star sensation behind Bill’s new company, Fenix Cosmetics.

The company quickly became the professional-grade benchmark, setting a new bar for skincare standards as one of the first to meet the demands of sensitive skin suffers and dermatologists alike.

Industry recognition followed, and Fenix Cosmetics expanded into a global brand, never losing sight of its dermatological roots: Fenix was approved for use at the Department of Dermatology, UC Irvine’s training facility.

Accolades and endorsements from top dermatologists, doctors, plastic surgeons and celebrities have inspired Bill to expand his passion for skin care. Today, he is excited to bring his professional-grade products direct to consumers with BB Lifestyle. These comprehensive, efficacious, and always luxurious products are right in line with today’s discriminating client. You can count on BB Lifestyle to deliver multi-faceted, benefit-driven products with sophisticated formulas and cutting-edge ingredient technology. This is first and foremost proven in BB Lifestyle’s understanding and use of proprietary HC56Complex™: an exceptional form of hemp oil that delivers unprecedented anti-oxidant benefits for the health and beauty of skin.

Natural, organic, and vegan, and “free of” unnecessary fillers whenever possible: this is the BB Lifestyle promise. Discover our complete system of products for an extraordinary skincare experience.



We set out to make a sunscreen that wouldn’t irritate skin. Little did we know, we were meeting the needs of today’s modern skincare issues.

Skincare issues are on the rise, causing a demand for naturally-based, consciously developed products driven by wellness. Inspired by our founder’s own sensitivities to skincare ingredients, BB Lifestyle’s formulation standards are matchless: natural, gentle, protective, and results-driven.

Continually sought out for his products and his expertise, Bill Bakho, our founder, is excited to share BB Lifestyle with you. It's been a long time coming.



Seeking to create a sunscreen for sensitive skin, Bill Bakho partnered with a respected chemist and lab to create "the best sunscreen ever." Both committed to having the best product and finest testing in the lab.

Being far beyond his time, he decided he would differentiate his brand by working with the lab to certify that his sunscreen was FDA approved, even though this wasn't the requirement at the time. This sunscreen, now award-winning, was FDA approved in 1998 and it was not until 2011 that sunscreen was regulated to require the FDA approvals in order to be on the market.



Fenix Cosmetics is born and sold exclusively by doctors and dermatologists and the following year Bill Bakho is recognized by the media for the first time for his contribution to skincare.



Bill takes Fenix Cosmetics global, launching in Korea. Two years later, Bill launches Fenix Cosmetics in Jordan, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait.



Bill launches “Fenix Natural” organic, vegan, and gluten free products, which is closely followed by Fenix Cosmetics PETA cruelty-free certification in 2011.



Bill collaborates with actress Jessica Hall and releases “Nurtured by Fenix,” an organic baby product line for babies and mothers alike.



BB Lifestyle is born. Two collections, BB Luxury and B2 Performance represent cutting-edge formulation practices, using the finest and most effective raw materials in the world to help maintain skin health and beauty.


If we don’t love it, we don’t make it. Every product must be natural, gentle, and deliver results. It must be well-tolerated even by the most sensitive skin types. BB Lifestyle skincare supports your daily wellness journey toward a healthier life.


Next-generation HC56Complex™ is what sets BB Lifestyle apart from the rest. Our proprietary ingredient is uniquely sourced, highly potent hemp oil that delivers unprecedented health and beauty benefits. Nourishing, soothing, reparative, antioxidant, and anti-aging benefits delivered naturally, yet effectively.